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Support for SB 562 – Single payer healthcare for California

SB 562 – The Healthy California Act.

Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017

Here we are a few weeks later, and Pam Ramirez has an update:

To Fellow Dem Clubs:

This is Pam Ramirez from the Wellstone Dem Club and the California Nurses Association sending an update on the Healthy California Act, SB 562. The bill was strongly supported and easily passed in the State Senate Health Care Committee and will be going to the State Senate Appropriations Committee soon. To those of you who have submitted endorsements, thank you. These are very important. For those of you who have not yet submitted an endorsement, I want to encourage you to do so. These are very important!  It is easy and can be done via email. I am again attaching samples and instructions and encourage you to encourage businesses that you interact with, your other civic organizations, and your faith organizations to submit endorsements as well. You must use letterhead, address to Senator Ricardo Lara and email to .  If you have any questions please contact me via email or phone at 510-684-5578. Now is the time for California to lead.


Sample Letter/Revise with personal information re: cost of health care, importance of universal coverage etc.

Your letterhead


Senator Lara:

I am writing to express my organization’s strong support for single payer, universal health care and for SB 562 (Lara/Atkins), the Healthy California Act.  I urge your support for this important legislation and request that you work hard to bring it to the Governor’s desk.

Health insurance premiums are drowning California’s working families and businesses who struggle to pay unaffordable premiums that rise as much as 40% each year.  As premiums increase, benefits are steadily decreasing – leaving families unable to pay the cost of their care, even when they have insurance.

With national Republicans challenging the Affordable Care Act, a model they initially proposed, it is more important than ever for California to continue pushing forward on a Medicare for All single payer plan.  Such a plan is the only universal health reform plan that is immune to constitutional challenge and it’s the only plan that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are familiar with and strongly support.

SB 562 will dramatically reduce premiums for businesses and families, cover all medically necessary health care, eliminate the risk of medical bankruptcy, and is proven to contain health care spending over the long term.  SB 562 will save California businesses and state and local government millions of dollars in employee health care costs and is the only plan that responsibly provides health care for all Californians.



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