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Department of Aging and Adult Services

Medication Safety for the Elderly: (pfizer)

AARP Homefit Guide

Are you staying in your home for life? Then use this guide to help make it safe and comfortable!

National Institute of Health

Diabetes diagnosis and common treatment.

Links to other resources and information.

Overdose Response Guide

This Informative guide has many links to helpful information, and is offered with understanding and a reality-based straightforwardness.

San Bernardino office
909 891-3900

Yucca Valley Office
760 228-5390

760 256-5544

Adult Protective Services
1-877 565-2020

In Home Supportive Services
1-877 800-4544

Long Term Care Ombudsman
1-866 229-0284

Multipurpose Senior
Service Program
1-877 565-2020

Senior Community Service
Employment Program (SCSEP)
909 891-3913
760 552-6523

Senior Nutrition Services
1-800 510-2020

Senior Information and Assistance
1-800 510-2020

Family Caregiver
Support Program (FCSP)
1-800 510-2020

1-800 510-2020

Transportation Reimbursement
Escort Program (TREP)
1-800 510-2020

Office of the Public Guardian –
909 798-8500