2018 Officers

President: Michele (“Mickey”) Laws
contact: MountainBearDems@gmail.com

Club President 2016 Michele Laws

Club President 2018
Michele Laws

Michele, aka Mickey, who uses both interchangeably, is a retired teacher who moved up from the high desert in 2004 with her 2 daughters. The oldest was in her 4th year at UCR, but the younger was starting her freshman year at Rim HS. Once the youngest was off to college, she subsequently got a part-time job at the library in Blue Jay. With working only 19 hours per week, there was still time to fill. It was 2010, and a good time to be a Democrat on the mountain. Obama was in the White House and doing a good job in spite of the lack of cooperation and criticism from his opponents. Having been interested in the political process since childhood, watching national conventions with her dad, she decided that now was the time to get involved. With no prior experience as a club officer, she joined the Mountain Bears, became the treasurer in due time, and the president in 2012. She welcomes the camaraderie of newcomers and any skills or expertise they wish to contribute towards growing the club. She looks forward to the challenge of this historic outcome and sharing our response with club members.


Vice President: Stan Haren
contact: sharenbronx@outlook,com

Vice President 2018
Stan Haren

Stan Haren is a retired attorney from New York City and Los Angeles. He and his wife permanently relocated to the mountains in 2013. He has been a liberal and Democratic Party enthusiast and activist for nearly all of his adult life. He joined the Mountain Bears Democratic Club as a result of the disturbing trends in local and national politics, the seemingly inability of the Democratic Party over the last several years to win elections and influence public policy, and a personal need to more actively participate in the Democratic Party and the political process. He is a husband, father and grandfather, in addition to being a (very) amateur photographer and piano player.



Secretary, Newsletter Editor: Keith Martin
contact: mountainbeardemsecretary@gmail.com

Secretary 2016 Keith Martin

Secretary 2018
Keith Martin

When Keith made it to the promised land of retirement (after teaching high school social sciences for over thirty years) he and his wife found themselves living on our mountain. Having honed his passion for all things civics related by teaching US History and Government for decades, Keith joined the Mountain Bears Democratic Club in order to more actively participate in our democratic process. Soon, he found himself happily accepting a nomination to fill the spot left by the past Secretary who is fulfilling a promise to her husband to travel around the country in their motor home.




Treasurer: Jane Haren
contact: MtnBearDemTreas@gmail.com

Treasurer 2018
Jane Haren

Jane Haren is a mom, grandma and retired teacher from the Los Angeles area. Having grown up in Connecticut, she was drawn to the spirit of the trees in the mountains of California.  Jane and her husband bought a house in Crestline in 2008, and permanently moved into their forever vacation home in 2013.  Jane has been a Democrat throughout her life and joined the Mountain Bears Democratic Club to participate in promoting democratic values. Jane’s other interest are creating art, writing, reading and just sitting out on her deck enjoying the mountain view.


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