The Democratic Party is a private organization that works as a group to find policies and candidates to support and usher into our government.

This is not a simple task, nor is it free of controversy, but it can be easier than the media would have us believe it to be.

The first step to new and helpful legislation is to generate a resolution. In the following pages there are several which are in various stages of becoming platform planks in our Party – an action handled at our State Conventions (the next one is in May – next month).

Cadiz Water Heist Resolution

OPPOSE TRUMP’S RESCISSION OF FEDERAL PERMIT REQUIREMENTS FOR CADIZ CORPORATION’S PROPOSED WATER MINE, PUMP AND PIPE PROJECT (2017 – Cadiz Water Heist Resolution) WHEREAS, the Cadiz Corporation proposes to extract and sell more than five times the amount of water that is recharged naturally, or roughly 50,000 acre-feet per year for the next 50 years …

Club Resolution on Nestle’ Water Project

The Mountain Bears Democratic Club resolved to request California determine if Nestlé is actually entitled to extract and bottle the water in the means they are using and if so, that the public is allowed to have input about the quantities being extracted, as the Forest Service is intended to make sure water extraction does not …


WHEREAS, there is no federal oversight regarding use of force in arrests and no national database exists at the citizen level on the use of excessive force and national reporting by local or statewide law enforcement agencies is voluntary with no set of standards or definition of types of force by which to compare apples to apples or standard …


UPDATE: During the April 25th meeting, Club President Mickey Laws revealed a phone discussion with resolution author Ruth Musser-Lopez in which it was agreed to remove the resolution from consideration. Some factors were the number of resolutions that the Party would advance, and a few wording difficulties. WHEREAS, Route 66 or RT66, otherwise known as …


San Bernardino County Democratic Party Resolution Opposing The Dakota Access Pipeline Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017

Resolution regarding ARREST CAM Automation

Follow this link to read the resolution by Ruth Musser-Lopez: ARREST CAM AUTOMATION Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017

Resolution: Guarantee of Network and Telephone Service

Follow this link to read the Resolution by Ruth Musser-Lopez: Resolution GUARANTEE OF NETWORK and TELEPHONE SERVICE Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017

Resolution: No Taxation by Annexation

Follow this link to read the resolution by Ruth Musser-Lopez: NO TAXATION BY ANNEXATION

Resolution: Rural Community Rights: Equal Access To Justice

Follow this link to read the Resolution by Ruth Musser-Lopez: TWO-WAY CLOSED CIRCUIT TV COURT RESOLUTION 2017 Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017

Support for SB 562 – Single payer healthcare for California

SB 562 – The Healthy California Act. Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017 Here we are a few weeks later, and Pam Ramirez has an update: To Fellow Dem Clubs: This is Pam Ramirez from the Wellstone Dem Club and the California Nurses Association sending an update on the Healthy California Act, SB 562. The bill was …

Support for Senate Bill 202 (Dodd): Medi-Cal: Personal Needs Allowance

Dear Mt. Bear Democrats, Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you at your/our meeting in April. We need as many people as possible to contact the leadership about SB 202. If you know of others who will help – please forward. SB 202 is headed for the Suspense File. We need as many people …


San Bernardino County Democratic Party Follow this link to see the PDF Support 1951 Refugee Convention and protection of immigrants traveling to and residing in USA Endorsed by unanimous vote 4-25-2017