10 Things to do when a Wildfire is Approaching your House

Stop Nestle!

Click here for information on how to support the Water Resources Control Board in protecting our natural resources in the San Bernardino National Forest.


Get Vaccinated, Win Cash as California offers $116.5 million in Prizes

With a few exceptions, all Californians who became vaccinated since vaccinations were first available in the state will be entered into drawings for the larger prizes, Newsom said at a news conference in Los Angeles.

Unbottle San Bernardino

Nestlé exploits our natural resources by taking free water from national forest land and selling it in plastic bottles that pollute our environment.

Watch this four-minute film that explains the impact Nestle’s operation is having on the forest.

Historical Moment

For the first time, two women are seated behind the President for a joint session of Congress

Meet Rob Bonta, California’s New Attorney General

Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced Rob Bonta, a Democratic state lawmaker, as his pick to become the next attorney general.

Biden Signs Stimulus Bill

President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion economic relief package, ushering in an aggressive infusion of federal aid in a far-reaching effort to address the toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

California Lawmakers Confirm Weber as Secretary of State

Assembly member Shirley Weber will make history as the first Black elections chief in California’s history.  Click here for more information about her history making confirmation.

The Fallout from Trump’s 2nd Acquittal

Senators and impeachment managers: The trial is over but the work isn’t done

Biden Inaugurated as 46th President Amid a Cascade of Crises

Click here for highlights from the inauguration of Joe Biden, 46th president of the United States.