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About the Transition

Click here for the official Biden-Harris transition website

Biden’s Plan for Day 1

Click here for Biden’s plan for Day 1 in the White House

Presidential Election Results- Biden Wins

Click here for the latest results

Track Your Ballot

All California voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot with a prepaid postage return envelope for the November 3, 2020 General Election. All voters can now get critical updates on their ballots through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” tracking tool at Signing up takes less than three minutes!

Can I Vote?

Click here for a nonpartisan website created by state election officials to help eligible voters figure out how and where to vote. For San Bernardino County residents, click here to check your voter registration status and for voting information. For Los Angeles County residents, click here to check your voter registration status and for voting …

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Voting During the Pandemic

Click here for your guide to voting during the pandemic. What you need to know so you can vote safely in the 2020 elections—and make sure your vote counts! Click here for everything you need to know about mail-in and early in-person voting, including the first day you can cast your ballot in the 2020 election.

The End of American Exceptionalism?

Click here on how COVID-19 signals the end of and American era according to anthropologist Wade Davis.

California Enacts Mail-Ballot Law- with Surprising GOP Support

A new law was passed in California confirming Gavin Newsom’s earlier order to have mail in ballots sent to every registered voter. The legislation takes the teeth out of the lawsuits challenging the executive order, by enabling the sending of mail in ballots by legislation rather than by executive order, and by ensuring that mail …

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Black Lives Matter Rally in Blue Jay

Black Lives Matter Rally in Blue Jay (2)