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Clifton Harris for Sheriff

Click here for more information about Clifton Harris, candidate for San Bernardino County Sheriff.

Supreme Court Will Hear Biggest Climate Change Case in a Decade

The court could handcuff President Biden’s climate change agenda — and restrict federal agencies from enacting new regulations governing health, workplace safety and more.  Click here.

UN Report Warns of Global Climate Crisis

More wildfires will scorch the planet and nations are not prepared. Click here and here for the UN Environment Program report.

Gerrymandering Explained

Gerry­man­der­ing is the practice of inten­tional manip­u­la­tion of district bound­ar­ies to discrim­in­ate against a group of voters on the basis of their polit­ical views or race, often resulting in districts with convoluted, winding boundaries rather than compact areas. The term “gerrymandering” was coined after a review of Massachusett’s  redistricting maps of 1812 set by Governor …

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New California Recycling Laws

A new California law went into effect Jan. 1 that limits the types of plastics donning the recycling symbol. Click here for more information.

What Happened to Medicare for All in California

Click here for where we go from here.

Biden’s January 6th Anniversary Speech

At the Capitol on Jan. 6, a Day of Remembrance and Division   President Biden said Mr. Trump and his allies were holding “a dagger at the throat of America,” as lawmakers recalled last year’s attack by a mob trying to keep Mr. Trump in office. 4 takeaways from the anniversary of the Jan. 6 …

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Blue Jay Xmas Parade 2021

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

Biden signs the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law  

Mountain Bears Democrats Pot Luck 2021