California Defends Voting Rights

California filed two briefs to expand voting access and to push back against discriminatory voter laws in Florida and North Carolina.

California Protects Reproductive Rights

California has strong laws in place protecting reproductive freedom. Know your abortion rights.

N.Y. Lawsuit Against Trump

Trump is sued for fraud by N.Y Attorney General Letitia James.

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CA and NY Call on Credit Card Companies to Do Their Part to End Illegal Gun Trafficking and Mass Shootings

California Attorney General Rob Bonta and New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a joint letter calling on credit card companies to create a spending merchant category code (MCC) for firearms, which would allow law enforcement to better deter firearms trafficking and potentially serve as a warning sign of potential mass violence.  Click here for more information

Indiana Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban

Kansas Vote on Abortion Rights Turns Spotlight on the Next Battlefront: State Constitutions

Both sides in the fight over abortion rights have taken to ballot initiatives and the courts to cement their positions in state constitutions after the fall of Roe.  Click here for more information.

January 6 Hearings

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Governor Signs AB 1594 to Prevent Gun Violence

Click here for how Assembly Bill 1594 will allow private citizens and others to file civil lawsuits against the gun industry.

Attorney General Bonta, Governor Newsom, and CARB Lead Coalition in Defense of California’s Waiver for Clean Car Standards

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Attorney General Bonta’s Hate Crime Rapid Response Protocol

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