San Bernardino Airport Expansion

The San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) has issued a notice informing the community about a project called Eastgate.  This involves building a new hub for freight and increasing cargo flights, some of which would fly over the mountains.

For more information, click on the links below:

Airport Expansion Threatens Local Mountain Tranquility

No Additional Planes Over Arrowhead

Flight Path Comment Form

Cover Letter Flight Path

Cover Letter, pg. 2

Stop Plastic Pollution

Let’s put an end to plastic pollution

Mickey’s Dock Party

Mountain Bears Democrats play hooky!

How Plastic Production Pollutes Small Towns

Stand up to protect our planet.  Support a growing movement to end plastic pollution.


California’s Plastic Revolution

California is Posed for a Revolution on Plastic

Within 90 days, the State of California could pass legislation setting the bar on cutting plastic pollution with global implications for the way companies package their products.

It would be a remarkable achievement but we’re not there yet. The plastic industry is ramping up a misinformation campaign to kill the legislation.

Click the arrow to see this video explaining why it would be win-win: slashing single-use plastic and creating new economic opportunities.

The Story of Water

The Story of Water: Who Controls the Way We Drink?

Click the arrow to see an animation which chronicles the dangers of water privatization and highlights innovative solutions being adopted around the United States that keep water systems in public hands.

New California Democratic Party Chairman

Read this article from the Los Angeles Times:

California Democratic Party elects L.A. labor leader Rusty Hicks as chairman

Voter Registration at Rim High School

On Thursday, April 25 we registered 15 new voters at Rim High School

Where are the Children?


June 9th, 2019, International Children’s Day.

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Pajama Clothesline Project

16 States File Suit

The border wall in Tijuana, Mexico

16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall