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Nestle’ Water Theft, February 2018

Nestle (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Nestle (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

We are two years after Nestlé was SUED in Federal court. They have been taking water from our mountains for a long, long time. Their permit, granted by the Forest Service, dates back to previous permit holders that ‘sold’ rights eventually claimed as their legal authority to take water. However, the method of drilling horizontal wells into the water table below Strawberry Peak is questioned (is it “spring water” or is it “well water”) and even the location of the extraction point is questioned as belonging in the area of the permit.

Despite these clear messages from the community, Nestlé continued to remove millions of gallons of water, causing Strawberry Creek to flow at rates lower than ever before recorded, even during the past drought and during the weather conditions that exist today. In 2018 the State Water Resources Control Board filed a report (report of Investigation HERE) stating that Nestlé is removing more than they are allowed. Supporting documentation is LOCATED HERE.

Articles from the past and current information are located on pages linked to this one in our Website menu. Club President Mickey Laws is writing a letter for members’ approval before submitting it to our Senators.

Congressman Paul Cook has simply used this as an excuse to attempt to break up the Forest Service – and has repeatedly said this is not something he feels obliged to handle. If you disagree, TELL HIM SO!


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