Big Bear Club

Good morning, Former Members of the Democratic Club and Other Fellow Democrats

With my ears on the ground, I am hearing that maybe there are enough people interested in reforming the BBV Democratic Clug to justify having an interest meeting, tosee what we can do to ensure that Democrats (and left-leaning Independents) get elected in June and in November. Our first meeting will be at Marv Cira’s ranch on Tuesday, April 12, for dinner at 6 pm. See attachment for details.

I think the election this year is critical to the future of o country. At stake is the power of the Supreme Court to rescind all the progressive legislation (i.e. Roe v. Wade) of the last decades or to reverse the “shitty” decisions the current court has made (Citizens United) (Voter Rights), etc. The possibility of a nuclear holocaust is intensified if President Donald Trump or President Ted Cruz get their hands on the red button. The threats posed by global warming are more likely to be addressed effectively by President Bernie Sanders or Madame President Clinton than by any Republican, many of whom deny that climate change is human-induced. Campaign Finance Reform, Immigration Reform, addressing income inequality, Criminal Justice, will all be swept aside if a Republican occupies the White House and if Republicans control Congress. How we vote as a nation in 2016 will determine the future of our country and its people for generations to come; that’s why I’m really energized to get something going in Big Bear to help us choose the only sane path available to us. Please read the attached invitation and make every effort to come to the meeting on Tuesday, April 12. Please RSVP, yea or ney.
All the best,


David A. Foltz, Ph.D, Former President of the BBV Democratic Club
Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies
P. O. Box 107
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
(909) 866-5737