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Chris Bubser

Chris is a democrat running to be the next US Congress Representative of California District 8.  On  February 8th Marylen and Buzz Bartlett  hosted a Meet and Greet for Chris at their home.  Click here to learn more about Chris Bubser.

Kris Goodfellow

Kris Goodfellow, state senate candidate for district 23, was the guest speaker at the May 28th meeting of the Mountain Bears Democratic Club.  Click here to learn more about: Kris Goodfellow

Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal

Click here for a story inside the web of conspiracy theorists, Russian operatives, Trump campaigners and Twitter bots who manufactured the ‘news’ that Hillary Clinton ran a pizza-restaurant child-sex ring

Pajama Clothesline Project

WHERE are the CHILDREN National Mall Pajama Protest Click here for a video update

Glass, Metal, Plastic

Click here for the story of New York’s canners

Impeachment Rally at Running Springs

‘Twas the Eve of Impeachment

Click here to find verse in this curse

Annual Holiday Party

Good eating at our annual holiday party!

More Good Eating

Founders: Removal from office is not the only purpose of Impeachment

Click here to read this fascinating article: The Founders at the Constitutional Convention explained that impeachment was intended to have many important purposes, not just removing a president from office.