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UPDATE: During the April 25th meeting, Club President Mickey Laws revealed a phone discussion with resolution author Ruth Musser-Lopez in which it was agreed to remove the resolution from consideration. Some factors were the number of resolutions that the Party would advance, and a few wording difficulties.

WHEREAS, Route 66 or RT66, otherwise known as “The Mother Road,” is a historic two-lane highway listed on the National Register of Historic Places and in the area of the East Mojave Desert is designated as a National Scenic Byway and includes clusters of historic structures and other scenicvalues attracting a multi-million dollar tourism industry in California every year; AND

WHEREAS, RT66 also provides an alternative corridor for southern California via 29 Palms and Barstow in the event of an emergency need for evacuation; AND

WHEREAS, a long section of RT66 bearing through the East Mojave Desert is closed to traffic due to washed out bridges which are not being repaired by the county thus closing off that emergency route out of 29 Palms in particular;

THEREFORE, the California Democratic Party resolves to support the acquisition, repair and maintenance of RT66 for recreational and safety purposes; and

FURTHER let it be resolved that the California Democratic Party shall forward this resolution to the State Historic Preservation Commission, the State Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Transportation (CALTrans), Governor Brown, Democratic state constitutional members and Democratic members of the California Legislature.

Author: Ruth Musser-Lopez