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California is #2 – in the number of HATE GROUPS

As shocking as this seems, for those of use who have shown support for Democratic candidates or even become a Democratic candidate, this is not news. Hate festers in Menifee, Compton and Rialto as easily as it does in Memphis, Corpus Christi and Richmond, Kentucky. When enough resentment has grown, some disgruntled employee is passed over at work while a Muslim accountant drives home in a Mercedes, and a hate group is formed.
Now that Orange County has recognized Democrats live there too, the Orange County Register has begun to air ALL the racist dirt that has been festering out of sight. This recent article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune shows 68 hate groups in California, thirty of which are in Southern California.

The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps a Hate Group Map and updates it frequently. If you’re in a service industry, you’d be wise to keep this on hand before booking groups.