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New heads of Governmental Agencies

Secy of State
Rex Tillerson – CEO of Exxon and still a $150 Million stock owner in the firm, Tillerson has discounted global warming as an ‘engineering problem’ and fracking as ‘relatively safe’ (except, of course near where HE lives). He’s repeated hawkish stances against Palestine and Iran and wants to ‘review’ the nuclear arms deal with Iran. Drilling the Arctic by Russia will almost certainly be allowed, as he’s been cozy with Putin for years. The vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was on 1-23

Attorney General
Sen. Jeff Sessions – denied federal judgeship in 1986 and has a history of cases where a voter registration system denied people of color the vote and he supported it with courtroom procedures.

Secy of Defense (sworn in)
James N. (“Mad Dog”) Mattis 66, a retired Marine Corps general, was almost immediately granted a Congressional waiver for being too recently an active military man, something Congress decreed was not a ‘good idea’ 65 years ago.

Dept of Homeland security (sworn in)
John F Kelly 66, a retired Marine Corps general, will oversee border security, immigration control, cybersecurity, airport screenings, and respond to natural disasters.

CIA director
Mike Pompeo, 52, torture defender, whistleblower execution advocate and Congressman from Kansas, is expected to be a religious ban advocate when it comes to Muslims.

Treasury Secretary
Steven Mnuchin, 53, has sworn to oversee the largest tax overhaul since Ronald Reagan. Was the Trump campaign finance chairman for the entity that paid the nominee and his family huge sums and is under investigation.

US Trade Representative
Robert Lighthizer, 69, a former deputy US trade representative in the Ronald Reagan administration. Promotes rougher handling of Chinese cheating and not a fan of the World Trade Organization.
Director of National Intelligence
Dan Coats, 73, is a recent Sen. from Indiana and legislator / lobbyist with ‘baggage’ from both as he has switched back and forth. No particular experience in the duties of the job.

Secy of Labor
Andrew F. Pudzer, 66, Executive with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. He’s a foe of a $15 wage, declaring it a ‘governmental war against retail’ and a union busting champion. He also sees no issue with mechanizing, but is a foe of both women’s rights and affordable health care.

Secy of Health and Human Services
Tom Price, 62, is a foe of women’s rights, the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid. He has been vague or evasive on his own financial profiteering with drug stocks and the status and timing of the promised replacement healthcare plan.

Secretary of Energy
Rick Perry, 66, is a fossil fuel advocate and waffling doubter of man-made climate change. His financial investments are largely drilling firms (including the DAPL) while the department determines US energy policy and oversees the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Secy of Housing and Urban Development
Ben Carson, 65, is a Christian Evangelical Seventh Day Adventist, conspiracy theory follower and serial exaggerator of his own credentials. His callous stated disregard for other disadvantaged people and fellow users of governmental assistance indicates he will attempt to cut vital programs carelessly.

Administrator of the EPA
Scott Pruitt, 48, is the AG of Oklahoma ,climate change denier and longtime enemy of the EPA. He’s accused of being a patsy of the oil industry, and denies against overwhelming evidence that Oklahoma’s earthquakes are triggered by injecting fracking waste water into the earth.

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Secy of Commerce
Wilbur Ross, 79, is best known as a profit vulture, squeezing profits from failing businesses. Best known as a rich (2.9 Billion) man and friend to the Resident by rights of saving money during one of his many casino failures.

Secy of Transportation
Elaine Chao, 63, former secretary of labor and deputy secretary of transportation, is one of the few picks with government experience. As the wife of Senate (Republican) Majority Leader Mitch McConnel, some say her experience is too great. She and her family have made him one of the richest members of Congress with some of the proceeds from their shipping firm.

US Ambassador to the United Nations
Nikki Haley, 44, is the Governor of South Carolina, is a Native American wife of a military non-comm veteran, and a Christian dominionist who remains hawkish on Islam. She has next to no experience in foreign affairs.

Secretary of the Interior
Ryan Zinke, 55, is a discharged Navy Seal veteran of Iraq. He claims to be an outdoorsman, but has been an advocate of both oil drilling on Federal lands and the DAPL.

Secy of Education.
Betsy DeVos, 59, never attended public schools, and neither have any of her children. But that has not kept this dominionist from attacking the system in favor of vouchers to private schools. This destructive practice has led to the almost complete destruction of public education in her native Michigan. She is also sister to Erik Prince, war profiteer and founder of Blackwater, and daughter-in-law of notorious Amway founder Richard DeVos.

Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA)
Linda McMahon, 68, lept to wealth and infamy as head of wrestling’s WWE. Her on camera antics were appreciated and shared in by DJ Trump, as were her substantial contributions to PACs during his campaign. She failed twice to self-fund elections to office in her own state.

Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Mick Mulvaney, 49, is a S. Carolina congressman who apparently neglected to pay taxes on salary paid to the housekeeper who assists with his triplets.
Confirmation hearing due 1-24.

National Security Advisor
Michael Flynn, 57, is a young retired general (which usually signifies a severe personality or character flaw) prone to conspiracy theories and fake news, especially regarding Muslims. He may have passed his affliction on to his son, who was fired from the Trump team after tweeting credulously on fake news.

Chief of Staff
Reince Priebus, 44, Chairman of the RNC and co-head of the Resident’s White House team with Stephen Bannon, has spent a lot of time defending his boss to the GOP old guard.

Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor
Stephen Bannon, 63, was CEO of the campaign and remains as CEO of Breitbart, a right wing nut job fake news site.

Kellyanne Conway, 49, acts as chief apologist and regularly spits outright lies in response to careful questioning. Appears either incapable of the ability to perceive or is paid well enough to disregard any facts.

Press Secretary
Sean Spicer, 45, is the past Communications Director of the RNC. His early press conferences indicate his relationship with the public will be tense, at least. His ability to discern the truth is apparently as faulty as is Ms. Conway’s.

The Guardian digs deeper into the huge number of sycophants and donors to his campaign that were supposed to be chosen to “drain the swamp.” Of course, that WAS a campaign promise.